So you ordered cooked noodles!

Thanks for ordering Ramen Danbo – you’ve chosen to order your ramen with noodles already prepared by our team! You would have received your noodles and toppings in a takeaway bowl and the soup in a separate container…

Get it all ready!

To ensure maximum enjoyment from your ramen follow these SUPER simple steps!

All you need to do is...

Pour the soup over the noodles and let it sit for 10 seconds. Using chopsticks, gently loosen the noodles up. Then reheat the ramen in the microwave for 60-90 seconds! That’s it!

[PRO TIP] Remember, noodles begin to lose their quality as soon as it is served! So it’s best eaten as soon as it’s ready!


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So you ordered fresh noodles!

You’ll have received your soup, toppings and noodles in separate containers, so here’s a quick step-by-step on how to enjoy Danbo@Home!

(Make sure that your eat your noodles within 24 hours, and that you keep it in the fridge until then!)

Ready the soup!

Heat up your soup in a small pan or microwavem until it’s piping hot – then pour it into a serving bowl or the original container and get ready for the noodles!

How do you like your noodles?

While the soup is heating, bring some hot water to boil to cook your noodles. How long you boil the noodles for depends on how firm you like your noodles. For “Very Firm” [5-10 seconds], “Firm” [10-20 seconds], “Standard” [30-40 seconds], “Soft” [50-60 seconds] or “Very Soft” [75-90 seconds].

Make sure that the water is BOILING HOT and that you also loosen the noodles up when you first put them in the pot. Make sure to drain the noodles well, otherwise you’ll end up watering down your soup!

Here it comes!

Now, carefully place the drained, cooked noodles into the soup.

[PRO TIP] If you want to serve a Instagram-worthy ramen, straighten the noodles up by lifting them out of the soup and folding it over itself once – just like the pros do it!


Ready to eat!

Lastly, finish it off by carefully placing your toppings on the bed of noodles!

[PRO TIP] Don’t forget ramen is best eaten as soon as it is served! The longer you wait the more the noodles lose it’s quality – no need to wait for anyone else, start slurping as soon as it’s ready!